A White Cat...... Car!

Hi, hi! Meet a new member of the family, my new shiny white ride :) Just got it last weekend, finally after waiting for three weeks! Was without a car and had to car pool with Phoenix but it was worth it and thanks for her help too :) Bless.

So what did I do first thing after getting my car? Well go straight to an accessory shop la hehehe. Installed a center console that my cousin taukey give for free in exchange with a steering lock I got for free from the Salesman. Also installed a few new security features la, dun really trust factory fitted features.

Actually I was driving the car for two days without any road tax, there was a minor screw up by the Sales guy, he didn't get the paper work out before the office was closed for half day on Saturday. I think nowadays ppl have no sense of responsibility, anyhoo, God's grace protected my car from getting fine. I did run into a police blockade but they were looking for other offenses and didn't notice my road tax less car :)

What other additionals do I need to add in? I'm thinking a new set of sport rims, 15in one with Ducaro tyres and leather seats :P yes, yes, didn't have a car with leather seats, this will be a great addition. Beyond that I don't think I need to add more stuff especially to the engine which is good as it is.

Best get the car polish and might consider trying those new chemical coating to protect the paint job :) which I did not do the last time :( I think these are worth while investments. I just love a well maintained car, take care of the car and the car will take care of you. Happy, happy! Cheers!