A Place For You

A place of my own thus far have been a passing mention or thought to me and was not really on top of my priority list. In short, all this while I did not planned to have one anyways. Guess I was just lazy or just plain resigned to the fact that I'll just live the rest of my natural life at my dad's house and don't have to worry a thing! Well, life is different when you decided to have someone in your life and your future changes to that fact.

I did foresee that I will have to have a place if I have a family of my own but I did not really think that I will ever, guess I was wrong and I'm really happy that I was. To think of getting a place is thrilling and scary at the same time. Imagine, the way the house looks will be your taste and how you would have liked to furnish it, imagine the whole place being IKEA-nized, hehehe, bet some of you have such fantasy, I do.

The scary part is that you are taking up a really BIG commitment that you may have doubts and unsure that you should when the commitment comes in six figures that you have to pay up in 30 years time. Yep pretty scary, the most expensive thing you will ever buy :O I do really have to pray hard on this issue about the place, about the timing and most of all the price.

Hence my house hunting begins, it started two months ago, just simply being curious, exploring and listing out your criteria, from budget, size, number of rooms, view, location, accessibility, how jam is the place, how convenient to the shops, how safe and future potential of the property. You have to balance all of these requirements, it may sound hard but keep your focus and priority and you can do it.

We manage to decide on a place three weeks ago was trying to find the right place. A lot was shown to us but not the ones we wanted until last week where we were shown the right unit, we were excited and the price given was a little high and we wanted to lower it cuz my budget will not really permit. So, after almost a week "waiting" I decided on a price and called my agent. Yesterday we managed to get the price we wanted! Praise God! I was thinking that there will be a hard bargain but it was not. We are blessed with an easy going owners as well as a honest and helpful agent.

So, here I begin to realized my dream place, it has yet sink in to me that I'm gonna own something as big as a property or be a grown up :O Man, really really scary but I do recognized that it is a progression in life and all of us goes thru it. We are making arrangements for a deposit and will be hunting for the right loans and paper work for my EPF as well. All of that is part one. I reckon that it will be sorted out by middle or end of next month. Renovation by July and move in by early August :) wow, that is fast!

I'm gonna put all of this in His hands and guide me to the right decisions, all things will be successful if it is done in His will. Happy! Happy! Will keep you all posted on the progress :P Have a nice weekend, Cheers!