An Eating Celebration

I think as Malaysians, we virtually find excuses to eat in almost any occasion, when we are happy, we eat, when we are depress, we eat more, when we need to chat, find an eating place, in hangout places, we eat as well :) There are certainly lots of places to eat, some are good, so-so and real bad.

Recently, Phoenix took me to Courtyard Garden for my birthday, in the Lorong Dungun area. A cozy little place to have dinner and have been named as one of Malaysia's best looking restaurant from Flavour magazine. If you ask me, I think that is just random picking to get big colourful pictures into the magazine. The decor is not bad but I've seen better.

This here cocktail is called the Monsoon Swing, not sure why it is called by that name but I was inspired to take one since we were sitting beside a big monsoon drain, hehe. Its ok, there is no funny smell coming out of it just felt weird to be sitting beside a drain in a classy place.

Basically this place serves up a mixture of Mediterranean dishes and some middle eastern features, pricing is reasonable and the food is not fine dining, which is nice. I don't really see the worth of fine dining if you end up more hungry after a meal. This is a place to hangout and have a few drinks at the end of the week and it is quite to have some conversation. All in all, not a bad place to do some celebrating :) There are also a few other restaurants around the area as well.

Yesterday night I had another round of birthday dinner, this time at Damansara Kim, in a restaurant called Extra Super Tanker, don't ask me whats with the weird name but it is a really a popular place to eat, I saw several families came and was turned away cuz they don't have any reservations, some even sat outside in make shift tables. So the food must be good eh? Well, it is and with good portion too. I can't say the exact names since it is in chinese but those of us know what Chinese restaurants serve then you can guess the typical dishes. So give it a try, they do lunch as well.

On a side note, I brought by Grandma a Jean Perry pillow and for my mom, a watch for Mother's day :) Yes, I know it is quite late but I wanted to surprise them during my dinner. Haha, they loved the gifts. There will be another round next month as we celebrate Father's day and my dad's birthday and guess what we'll be doing?......... :) Cheers!