Cutey of the Day :)

Hi there, would like you all to meet Celeste, she is the daughter of Clem and Cyn, our cell leaders. She is four years old but boy is she just adorable, she likes to observe her surroundings with her big round eyes and love to pout which makes her as cute as a button :) She is also quite mature and able to give witty and cleaver replies too. What a child, I think in times like these, makes one want to have a kid of their own, no?

It is not easy to be a parent, I think that the decision to have a kid in the family is the most important decision one have to make in life, the second is marriage. Imagine to provide all and teach and feed and cloth the little one. Alot of effort goes into just bringing up a child. Lots of care and loving which can be hard at times, in a way I think in the perspective of God looking down on us from above, his little children, what a task eh? Imagine God the parent and us the parent, are we as good? Cheers!