Leapin a New Horizon

Hi ya, I am back at work, yessir. Got me a new job and a little corner office room to myself. It felt great to be working again. Not working and taking lonnng vacation is not a good feeling, you will be bored to tears. Anyhoo, still based in the capital city and about 10 minutes drive from my old office.

There are lots more ppl in this company and lots of procedures and what not to follow but its ok to me, gotta adapt or else..... This week been a gradual introduction week for me, lots of self orientation. Will be doing lots of planning, scheduling, directing and guiding along the way since I will be responsible for four poor souls, hehe.

I must thank Him for His grace and will, providing me a new job for the new year and I am truly blessed that Pheonix was with me and supporting me in time of need. I love her to bits :) I looked forward to do a little more posting in the coming future. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!