Looking Back and a New Hope

Yes my dear friends, the end of the year is here and its time to step back and take in all that has happen to you and your family. I remembered at about this time last year, was full of foreboding, not sure about the future, guess what, I find myself in the same position this time as well! BUT there is a difference when you know there are people who will support you and love ones care for you.

This year have not been all that good for me, lotsa downs in career wise but privately its been great, I have started to find myself, being more concern about my own well being, more grown up and most of all it has moved me closer to Him and it is all thanks to an angel that the good Lord had send to me, Phoenix. I'm not sure if I can manage as well without her help and support. You can say she has given me a balance in life which, without it may have turn out a lot worst.

So, as we all take in the ambiance and the celebrations, please remember the real purpose of this season, it is a celebration of life, of salvation and given the opportunity to be born again. Yes, my brothers and sisters in Christ, please think about your journey for the last one year, how far have you walked, what you have done and where you will like to be? May the good Lord continue to bless you and your family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!