The other day I was happily surfing in Ikano Starbucks, some one tapped on the shoulder,

Person: Excuse, can you help me to look after this stuff (waving both hands in the air, emphasizing the stuff at her table)

Person: I have to go to the toilet.

Me: huh, ok then (Changed my seat so I can get a view of her stuff I was suppose to look after)

I was wondering, after three minutes, who will stop me from taking all her stuff and walk off? Ok, the laptop she's using was a lil old, IBM Think Pad but then still it will not stop me from walking off?

I must have a trust worthy face or just a dumb look in me that ppl doesn’t think I can cheat them good! Well, I’m not that low anyhoo. We can always do the opposite cuz we have a choice but whether we choose to go against our own principles and seize the moment its just a split second of decision making, scary but true!

I am sure there are lotsa of folks out there who loved Thai food and there are plenty of outlets serving this type of cuisine. A worth while Thai joint to me is the ability to offer green curry and I judge the standards of the place by this one dish. You can be surprise that not many serve green curry.

They will usually serve tom yam, pandan chicken, some kinda fruit salad but not green curry. I have only been to few places that serve this dish, one of these places I have recently visited, Silom located at Bukit Damasara, a really valued dine, good food and good taste with green curry!

The other place I’ve visited during one of my late night drive was Old Siam over in Jalan Changkat Tong Shin in the Bukit Bintang area. You know it is a worth while place is when you want to go back to dine again and these places I’d definitely will be going back.

Feeling a lil down on my energy level one day and my boss invited me to see a local traditional doctor of the herbal kind. The doc analysis approach was simple, just talking to you and taking you pulse. He diagnose me as having a weak liver after a battery of questions, I’m not sure if he did it right but any ways just went along, before I know what happen, I find myself being poked with needles all over my body and each needles is attached to some wire and I was being electrocuted !

Yes, there was electricity flowing through the needles and into my body, yikes. It was not too unpleasant, a gentle pulse and I took a short nap, the process lasted for about half hour and after that I was issued five packets of herbal stuff and told to drink it daily for the next five days.

To cut the story short, it was not pleasant drinking the herbal mix and whatever the doc promised did not sort out my problems either. The so called treatment costs me RM 226, imagine I was to see him for a month, it could costs me a bomb, not a well worth alternative to sort out your health, better buy a good pair of good running shoes and take up jogging at your local park, like they say, no pain, no gain.

The other day we stopped by at this place, Superbowl. I think for Americans there will be visions of football since this is a term related to the finals for American football. In this case is a food place over at Ikano lower level.

This is a typical setup of the modern day version of the coffee shop we see in so many places. Similar to Uncle Lim, Kopitiam or even Char Tang Cheng, lets say a local version of Starbucks, a hangout joint serving local food and of course the coffee is much, much cheaper without the wifi.

Anyhoo, here in Superbowl, there are the typical local food you will come to expect, nice and cheap maybe? Well, not really, the food while is not really cheap but neither was it nice. I come to expect some standard of quality but only to find so-so and worst of all it was not served hot.

Let’s say it was not a happy meal. If you wanna good local stuff, you should stick to Uncle Lim which is a few doors from here or even go to Kluang Station upstairs, both are equally good and worth the money you’ve paid for.

Here is a few snapshots of my nephew, Baby K, these photos was taken before he was one year old. He have this consistence smile at who ever he sees and not too shy when people comes close to him and play with him. I loved especially that he likes me holding and cradling him, a cute guy ^_^

The other day, feeling a lil peckish and decided to go to the local pasar malam for dinner. One think I loved about this country is that we can go out and order take away of a variety of food. I loved to have a small buffet for dinner now and then. Cheers!

(All photos taken w/ SE 700i)