Stuck In My Head

Ya know sometimes you've got a tune stuck in your head or a scene from the movie, today I've got the Bee Gees playing the track "I just wanna be everything" Why does that happen to you? How the mind works is kinda strange, you did not ask for the track or force feed the data into your brain but it just shows up.

Ok now, the next step is, how do you get rid of it? Help! I'm going bee geesss mad!

Oh, another thing, our beloved blog system is part of the google family! All in the name of mass marketing and coverage and of course my page is kinda screwed up now. I noticed that if you keep going back to the profile page via clicking the view profile link, your profile view count increases! Kinda dumb eh?

Hmmmm, I think I shall post new stuff this weekend, pictorials posts are my fav ^_^ Cheers!