Freedom with Conditions

Came by this post at Lim Kit Siang.com commenting the issue I thought that it can happen and now it really did. Looks like there is an ominus big brother watching all of us here is B-land. I started with a rule in my blog, no issues that is sensitive to the public, self, race and political. It is to avoid getting in this kind of fix.

" The defamation proceedings launched by the New Straits Times Press (NSTP) against two bloggers, Jeff Ooi of Screenshots fame and Ahirudin Atan who runs Rocky’s Bru is a grave development in the defence of the legal rights of bloggers and citizen journalists in Malaysia to break the stifling monopoly of the mainstream media."

My dear blogging friends, do becareful what you say, it might be a national security issue! God bless this country, government and its people. Cheers!