Be a Traffic Warden

Today in one of our main dalies with this article.....

TRAFFIC WARDEN: If you see motorists breaking road regulations, take a photograph or video of them and send it to the Road Transport Department. JPJ director-general Datuk Emran Kadir wants the public to help his officers ensure the roads are safe during the festive season.

Well, I think it is great that we are given permission to be a busy body traffic warden, since the Road and Transport Dept have it hands full during the festive season. I think it is good that joe public takes part is keeping the peace and well being of the public roads and on a look out for road hooligans.

They encourage the public to take photo of traffic offenders such as lane jumper, emergency lane user and driver who jump the lights. Well, I dont think most of us have a handy camera in our glove compartment, hence likely we will be using the cam phone.

Will we be violating traffic regulations by operating a phone cam while driving? It is not dangerous? Is the cam phone good enough to capture the number plate of a moving vehicle? Sounds like a great idea but a little short on the realistic part. Cheers!