Moderate Weight Lost

Recently, while commenting on Helen's adventure in her gym, I said that I'm down four sizes due to my moderate diet, this prompted midnitejo to ask for my secret, it's not a secret, just good thinking and some discipline goes a good long way.

Basically eat in moderation, have a meal only when you are hungry, try not to take too much fried, fatty, sweet, rich and junk foods. If you can avoid these tasty and fun stuff you are half way there. Don't over eat or eat when you want to have a nibble but not hungry.

Avoid soft drinks if you can, try Light Coke, it has only 3 calories per can! On the average, you can burn 600-700 calories on a treadmill by just walking for 40 minutes, so a can of Light Coke is ok, no guilt there.

Next, have some home cooked food at least once a week, moderate in msg and salt. Have some fruits and salads. Try to have your dinner before 9pm to give time to digest your food before you sleep and drink lotsa water!

Sometimes I'll skip lunch or have a light lunch, consists of bread and water, or a fruity drink. From time to time, I skip breakfast, not a diet, just wasn't feeling hungry. Staying in the office for too long and at your desks is one big reason we gain weight over time without exercise.

Have a happy relationship with your other half is also a plus point, he/she can help to moderate your diet as well. No, dun strave yourselves, it can lead to other health issues. Not saying this is a fool proof way, each of us have our own methods to deal with weight gain and this is mine. Have a ways to go before I'm in my ideal waist size. Cheers!