JoeC is One

Yep, in case you have missed it, my o'JoeC Crash Pad is one years old. Man, imagine a year ago I started blogging. I did have reservation then, how long I can blog but still after a year I'm still active in the blog page though not as active as my early postings cuz due to my new directions in but still active nevertheless, here is some minor blog stats....

Number of Profile Views....... 2311
Number of Posts...... 260
Number of Pictures..... too many :) just love a good visual ;)
Number of Food Blogs..... not counting :) love life love good food ;)
Number of Blog Reviews..... two

Getting to know friends from the blogsphere...... priceless

I did not really set out to make friends but am glad tat I did end up knowing you guys.... who are you? Well...... Angleblaze, Simple American, Winn, Yvy, Misti, Hedon, Hooiching, Kunstemacker, Caracola, LRong Lim, Fishtail, Selba, Dabido, Spicy Life, Tibbar, Dr. Chen, LBee, Carcar, Ah Pek, Rojakz, Lilian, Helen, Meow Woman, Kampung Kai... to name a few.

You guys have been great, taking the time to visit my page and comment, even when I was in limbo, some of you still drop by. My pages are more fruitful because of you and your comments. You have also given me a new dimension in this blog and for all that you represent to me...... My big heartfelt thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thanks a million for making Crash Pad more meaningful and a brighter day for this humble blogger.

So, as usual I will take requests :) What do you guys like to see in this here blog? What do you guys think when you first encounter this page? Cheers!