WT ~ Hotties Goodness

Yes folks, its thursday and it is time for Wacky Thursday (WT), heh, bet you be thinkin I've forgotten already, nope, just on hold, hope this will be a more consistent WT posts in the future. The last one I believed was back in January. As usual a hottie for the girls and some for the boys. Enjoy!

Ok then, first off, the english actor, Clive Owen, first saw him in Bourne Identity, he was one of the baddies, did not think much of him then but then he star in a series of short films for BMW, titled The Driver/The Hire, that series really get me identifying him as capable actor, very multi role and very flexible with his emotions. After that was King Arthur, Sin City and the Inside Man. The last one really showed his talents. I really think he was a better choice for James Bond rather than the other chap, can't recall his name.

I can imagine that Clive might refuse the role since it will type cast him, much like what happen to the rest, even to Brosnan, he did try to breakout but I did not think it was too successful. Overall, Clive has the class and seriousness in acting, which means quality. I do find myself admiring more European actors then Americans, perhaps I'm bored with Hollywood, go figures. So ladies, good enough for WT Hottie?

I just love Morgan Freeman, his screen presence is just awesome, you can actually feel the confidence and peace whenever his is on, you can feel his commanding presence whenever he speaks and he is a very very adaptable actor with many movies to his credit. I remembered him most in The Shawshank Redemption, but I do remember him in Electric Company waaayyy back in the early 80s.

Other great movies include, Robin Hood, Unforgiven, Glory, Outbreak and much much more. The thing is that I did not recall that he acted in the movie where he was the lead character, he only got as far as a strong main supporting role but never the lead character, I wonder why is that, I could be mistaken but I did not recall. He is good, another quality actor I really admire.

Finally, in the name of quality and good character, I give you Angela Bassett and Whitney Houston, I have not had much a chance to see Angela in action but she is very capable and talented, too bad there isn't much demand for her, always the background character. The other is Whitney, a voice that commanded respect and only a few female singers that get my respect as well, the other will be Celine Dion, I just love when singer uses their own raw power to bring the songs to life and Whitney have that quality. Shame is that she been on the down of late, hopefully she can recover and take to the mike again because it is such a waste if she stopped singing.

Reloaded : MJS Movie Series
~ a while back, made a few short short movies, tot it might be fun to repost them again here, hope you enjoy them, Cheers!

#1 MJS The Prologue, who is MJS? what is a MJS? Is that a discount sale?
#2 MJS : WMD Inc (Warning! Politically incorrect script used!)
#3 MJS : Day of Stinker (Warning! Religiously incorrect script used!)
#4 MJS : Quickie Waxkie (Warning! Gender incorrect script used!)
#5 MJS : The End? (Warning! Suggestive language used!)