Great movies, no guns please!

I think whenever we watch a movie, we look for a good plot to draw us into the setting and story, at least that what the average good movie should do. There are great movies where it leaves a memorable impression to the viewers and it need not necessary means big explosions, complicated CGIs or lots of violence and carnage. Of course each of us have different interpretation of a great movie and what they are looking for, some will identify with the character, the twists, the music, the setting, etc.

To me, one of the hallmarks that makes a great movie is the speech. Seldom you get the watch a movie that have a great speech and it is not easily delivered to make it sound pluasible to the audience and will convince you that it is real, well, as real as the movie can make out of it. Afterall, remember these are just words, no dramatic actions or anything visual, just words. So, how do you turn that into something great and memorable? The pace, the body language and the emotion. Not many actors can do so naturally compare to Al Pacino, I just love the way he delivers the lines of the speech, you have to admire the pace and timing of his emotions in those words to add effect to them.

You can actually be drawn to them and think for a moment that you are part of the movie and playing a role in making a change like in City Hall or have that fighting spirit to fight back from the dead in Any Given Sunday or feel vindicated after that speech defending the helpless. Just click on each of the poster and will take you to the page of said movie, just listen and imagine. That is truelly a mark of a great movies and these are without guns. Cheers!