Penang Views Part 1

Hey ya! Back again with another pictorial post, this time, my trip to Penang, two weeks ago. Wanted to try a different sort of Penang that is not centered on food only but the beauty of this charming island that people missed while busy with the delicious dishes. This here is Spice Garden, open a few years back and is situated in Teluk Bahang on the way up from Ferringhi.

As you can see, there are signages to tell you the background of the spices and it is really a nice lush place to take a walk in the morning after a big penang breakfast. The view I most liked was this, the Teluk Bahang, (bottom left) the view is from the former colonial bungalow, now a visitor center, this is worth the RM13 admission ticket you pay to come in. Spend a breathless hour there just looking out to that nice green ocean as the gentle cool winds blows and the shadyness on the areas gives that cozy feel.

Stay tune for later parts of the trip on other discoveries and beautiful views in Penang. Cheers!

(All pix by Nikon Coolpix)