Words and Feelings

Where do I start? Where do I begin? A person feelings is important, a person's feelings that you hold dear is very very important. An action, a body language, a gesture, a hint, a word can turn the person's feelings either way. Especially words, words are meaningful to the person you hold close, there is a time for play and there is a time for discussion, never in your lightness, cross the lines of both, or blur your command of both.

It is not in jess when you cross both the lines, you might end up hurting the person's feelings or can do much much worst. There are times in the moment when we slipped and take things for granted and not mindful, that is when we will shoot ourselves on the foot. Can we recover from that? Perhaps, perhaps, I can hope to hope for hope that it can be..... in a silent prayer, I hold hope close to me.

[Update 4.50pm : There is hope and it is alive, but I have to take care and go to great lengths to keep this hope alive, there will be many challenges]