Penang Views Part 2

Hi ya'all, this here is thesecond and final part of snap shots from my breif but lovely vacation in Penang. Starts of with this old timer, this was in Gurney drive, was looking for some fried oysters for lunch and found this coffee shop BUT this bloke was not around, we ordered something else and waited for him, all of 20 minutes for him to show up, it seems that he went out for lunch too! Anyhoo, the oysters was pretty good with big chunky oysters, just the thing when in Penang. Another thingy decided to use that wifi thingy in Starbucks AND Coffee Bean, its part of my free wifi review.

I must say that is pretty easy to get on, in Startbucks, you have to register online for it, a quick one then off you go, while the one in Coffee Bean you need to ask for the ID and password but no registering required. On both cases, the speed in pretty quick and very enjoyable experience but then I would not spend the whole day there to surf. I wonder what ppl do with their laptops in these places for the entire day.

Views for the hotel, capture these three pixs early in the morning to get that fresh view. Loved that morning blue hue and that clouds over the hills, very peaceful indeed. Stayed at Crown Jewel, a modest hotel at pretty good prices. I was there off peak, so I have almost the entire hotel to myself and the beach as well. This part of the beach is good, not crowded as there are only 2 hotels here but there is a small fishing village nearby but all in all the beach is quite clean and lush. Ah, yes, those bungalows looks good, I wonder if I can effort such a nice place, a modest home with view of the sea every morning plus a nice beach to boot. The last picture is the view form the hills, took a drive to north part of the island and stopped by the hill side to enjoy the sea breeze and sunny weather, a lovely place to picnic too.

Most of us will go to the very public and touristy areas to eat but few will venture off the beaten path for a good meal. This here is a place called Balik Pulau, at the junction turn off, there is this coffee shop, without a name, a store at the side with neatly stacked bowls of asam laksa, it taste fresh and strong, was tempted to have a second bowl too. A must for those of you around the neighbourhood. After the first lunch, we had another lunch nearby, I don't recall the name of this dish, but it tasted good as well, this place is further down from the coffee shop and beside an open car park. Well, folks, that concludes the many views and discoveries in this lovely place. Cheers!