Random Multi Posts

Hey pplz, its Wednesday.... hump day for all of us. To those of you in M'sia, its one more day to the loooong weekend but for me its a full week, *sob sob* *snift snift* but I will soldier on in this dusty town far far away. Anyhoo, like to give a few multi random post today being hump day and all.

A Dream

Yep, had a dream last night, I was in this american football team, dun remember what position I was playing but we are the new boys in the block going against veterans in the series. So, there we where being trashed but we fought on and manage to tie at the third quarter. There was some weird reasons that we did not manage to convert a field goal (correct me if I'm wrong) after several tries, anyhoo, we were tied on the 3rd and we took a break, feel really good till times up and we have to get back to the game....... and just then I woke up. There was this girl, she was not the central in this dream, but I felt her being there and was happy. Ok then, another weird dream with no meaning.

Top Geek

Yessir, Top Gear is back on the tube at BBC2, yep, my all time favourite motoring show is back with new stuff, cars, jokes, challenges and a whole lotsa tomfoolery rest assured. The three blokes are back, Jeremy "Power" Clarkson, Richard "Hamster" Hammond and James "Captian Slow" May.... and with a new member to the team.... Top Gear Dog! Yes, they have a dog, a very laid back K9 and not forgeting the quick and fire breathing Stig! The show have a newly decorated studio and a new feel to the series as well. I manage to watch the first show air just last Sunday..... hahaha, you wonder how I'd manage? Thanks to Bit Comet and Torrent Spy plus free broadband, voila, show downloaded in less than three hours. Bless the cyber pirates of the internet!

Oh yeah, if you ever encounter a problem playing the downloaded stuff, be sure to mozzy on to Free-Codecs.com and download the XP Codec Pack, a sure fire way to patch those shortfall even the Win Media or the Quicktime or even the Real Player can't solve. Other freeware or shareware can be found at Cnet.com or Zdnet.com.... now you have all the pirate secrets at your finger tips....hahaha.... well almost all of it...... muhahahahaha.........

Older? Wiser?

Deeeeppppp breath......hmmmm..... today is my birthday! Yes, old joe is a year older, does this mean a year wiser? perhaps, I do not know about the wise part but I know that it can be scary and happy. Scary because it is the time you wake up and say to yourself, what have I done, have I fullfill my dreams or wishes or plans? What will become of me? I'm not young and youthful any more and time is running out, HELP! HELP! Yes, it can be quite scary if we dwell in this too much.

Happy because I take things in stride, one day at a time, or at least I'm trying to do just that, been advice many many times to take things easy and relax, so I'm gonna but not too relax la, after fall off the chair. It is also great to know that you have someone who is thinking about you even right now.... brings that warm fuzzy happy lemon fresh feeling...... liken a big wide fields full of yellow spring flowers.

Most of all, I came to a conclusion quite recently that I have to leave my life to Him and let Him guide me to life's journey, sounds easy but it is not, gotta devout some of my time to Him and try to listen to what He has to say and not get caught up with earthly matters. In recent times, it has made me understand that I needed to balance my life in many aspects, previously I did not care much about this but not anymore and I can say that it is a real challenge. Hope I can survive the second half of my life the right way. Here is to Life's Journey..... Cheers!