Random Pixs Randomly

The last of the random series of photo from my Sony phone cam. A really really random posting of random shots in random time and random places. Yes, I'm randomly mad about photo blogging, enjoy.

Have you been to that Sentul place currently being developed by YTL. This was a former golf course and the powers that be decided to turn this place into an upmarket gated condo community. One of the many features of this place is this lovely Japanese-ish restaurant come lake thingy, called it a decor if you like but behind this is a koi farm as you can see from the following photos, there are hundreds if not thousands of this expensive fung-shui fishes in this place. Don't think its for sale or for consumption but correct me if I'm wrong. Nice place to hang about in the evening. I think most of us can only dream of having such a big garden and collection of hugh kois. The think is, how do they keep the cats away?

Next shots are the pix of my cute cute cousin, abt eight months old I think, a cute and energy filled little guy who smiles alot. Love carrying him and giving him rides. Since my travels dun see much of him anymore but will try to make a point to see him once in a while. Children grows up soo fast. The next pix is shots of my sister, on the left, enjoying her first crab. Yes, it is late in life but she is quite picky about her food and likes only western dishes, as do most kids growing up except yours truly. I didn't care what kind of food it was, as long as it was edible and delicious to the taste bud, its mine! Anyhoo, here she is really enjoying her first crab dinner. Frankly, I don't do much crab, takes too long and too much effort to eat but that does not mean I'm picky, just get someone to open up the shell for me, hehehe.

These are shots are from Tawau, my very first trip to East Malaysia for business of course. Not a big town but big enough to have a few night joints, on the right, where I seriously was partially drunk and in lack of oxygen after one too many shots of Mr. Daniels. Mind you, I did add ice and lotsa water but those straight up drink sessions do take their toll and compound effect at the end of the night. The worst thing is that is a thursday night and I have too get to work the next morning. Luckly after a super long hot shower, manage to complete my assignment the next day. It not by choice I did that but rather expectation from client, guess those of us in similar situation will know. Finally, below, have anyone tried to bath in goats milk? Anyhoo, thats all the random pixs from the cam phone, hope you've enjoyed them. Cheers!