Random Pixs Hong Kong

Ok then, how is every one doing? I'm busy busy travelling again and now in China.... again for the week. Here's my second part of show and tell on my trip to Hong Kong and random pixs I snaped up with my trusty Sony cam phone. Yes, you can say I'm a minor serial cam phone snaper if there was ever one. Enjoy.

Off hand, here is a typical meal you'll find in a food court in HK, this place is in the building that I worked in which double as a mall, City Plaza One. So, very easy for us to find food downstairs. The top left is a mini wok thingy with rice and meat while the right is some Shanghai type of steamed dumplings stuffed with pork, which is nice, you can eat prok everywhere unlike back home. Anyhoo, these typical meal are quite expensive, average food court dish will set you back RM20 at least, without drinks yet. The next two snaps are the view from my hotel room on the left, can see ships going by and at night, nicely lighted ferries will float by, quite a sight to see and the right one is a shoot of the river at the border crossing by train between China and HK.

Yes, for those of you who are shopping mad, you can visit this place above, Mongkok, one of the many many shopping districts in HK. Mongkok is a typical street type of shopping, at night the roads are closed and ppl are freely moving about, this is a typical weekday night, as you can see, HK ppl are mad at shopping, either that or they love to walk about. Here you will find lots of electronic devices, mobile phone galore. There are buildings dedicated for phones, toys, clothings and not forgetting food. It is jam packed with ppl until you can hardly moved. There are also side streets that sells fake stuff like watches and fake branded stuff. For upmarket shopping, you can head on to Admirialty, a very very upmarket expensive area.

Ever since I have been to HK, I have always wanted to go to the famous Victoria park, at the top is a panoramic shoot from said park, a view of the buildings surround the place, it is quite big but manage the slowly walk the area to enjoy the park atmosphere, I did this on Sunday, thinking that it will be peaceful and nice..... not so. As you can see from the shoot on the bottom left, a typical scene, crowded with foreign maids.... they are all over the place, ranging from indon to filipino maids, and they are noisy too, with loud music and loud chatting, like busy birds rattling on and on..... for every HK citizen, there are 30 maids at the park, amazing. I noticed that there wasn't as much foreign workers in HK three years ago but now you can easy bumped into them in the streets anytime of the day. Times have changed indeed. The next picture, is what I expected in the park, ppl practicing martials arts or tai chi. Anyhoo, spend two hours there marvelling and wondering the sight.

A random pic of the famous HSBC building on the left, partially blocked by the fog and the right is the creatively weird Lippo building, was wondering the streets taking pictures of people and building and getting lost all at once. The bottom left, is a eatery in HK airport, had a little something there, notice the pic on the right, now why whould a eatery have a giant picture of sumo wrestlers? How is it appropriate decor for a restaurant? Artsy as it maybe but I did not think it was appropriate, maybe it is suppose to give visitors a little shock so that they will remember the place, what do you think? Well, that concludes my random show and tell pic blog on Hong Kong. Have a nice week, cheers!