Random Pixs China

Here is my first part of show and tell blog series from my travels and random pixs I took in China. I did all this with my Sony 700i handphone, its becoming more handy than I tot. Enjoy then.

First off, nearly got ran over by the Chinese firebrigade as we made our way to the next door eating place called Jinglong, a simple noodle, rice and tea eatery place as you can see from the food in the following pictures. My collegue went a little mad by adding more and more chili oil condiment into her chicken rice, guess she missed our local spicy sambal bits at the mamak. I was too missing tat but have to resist from eating tat oil, its not healthy, but she did not care. I had a craving for wantan noodles, Chinese style, it tastes different from the ones we have locally, more plain in texture, like most of the food here, they are not much into spices.

The next night, we decided to go for a Muslim joint nearby the hotel. A nice tiny place where they serve home-made noodles and great fried rice, Muslim style. The noodles tastes a little springy and there is some after tastes of herbs in them, nice. The rice was a little oily but they fried in oilve oil, so tats ok. Big portion for both like most dishes here, they give value for money. Do you know the 7-11 there have this meatball - fishball thingy they sell, they just boil them and you pick your own balls, nice but I think not too healthy since the food is in simmer all day long, nevertheless, a nice observations, good for winters I guess. This is the first time I have experience where a hotel provides a DVD player on top of free broadband for their guest, bless. Wish I had bring some of my DVD to play.

A random pix of some of the room facilities, a glass type scale, looks great, but this was not working, nice nevertheless. On to more foooood, a proper chinese restaurant the next next night, dunno what we called but the result was, a dish with cheese tofu with tomoto spicy sauce, a spicy lamb served in a wok, that was nice and some veggie dish which tasted very salty. As you can see, most of the time spent is enjoying the local dishes which we will not find back home.

Finally, took a risk and snap a photo of the imigration checkpoint, this was in the train station on the way to Hong Kong, half expected they come rushing at me and beat me up, hehehe, nothing happen, lucky. Ahhh, the next pix, does this not remind you of some nasty tower in some movie? Yes, it looks like the tower of mordor, creepy with all that fog for good effect and that big red lights as the eyes of sauron.... scary lei. Anyhoo, this is the tallest building in the province, its called Citic Tower. A random pix from the hotel window, this is the rooftop of the city main train station and a nice piece of interface, a radio controls in the bathroom, neat. I wonder if i can have one for my house? Well, that is all for now, will post for show and tell series the next time on Hong Kong, cheers!