Xmas Wish Tag ~ Spreading the Cheer

To Tag :
  • State who tagged you;
  • List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift);
  • State the gift you wish to get;
  • Then invite a few friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.

Tagged by : LB, fellow red devil fan in spagettiland

My Santa Girl: Angelblaze, the Karate Kombat Girl

Gift for me : what eh? errr..... ok, real simple, a virtual christmas card, can do? please, please!

Tagging :
  1. Simple American, he is soo wacky.
  2. Caracola, cause she is fun and lovely.
  3. Jellyfish, he is just plain hilarious.
  4. Meow Woman, she is cool and funky.
  5. Day Dreamer, she is kinda dreamy.... kekeke
Thank you for accepting the invitation, kindly spread your Christmas cheers!