Champions League Next Stage

Notable English teams draw for the next stage~

Chelsea vs Barcelona

My reaction? Bwhahahahaha! Well, looks like we'll see if Roman's money will buy them fame and glory THIS time. What a super draw! So, I bet Jose "the special one" is sweating in his special coat now baby! Barcelona is looking for a pay back in a big way after last season. Yaaaay, eat my shorts Jose.... you think you are gonna win it, No way Jose! My verdict: Barcelona wins, hands down. Absolutely no chance for Jose and Chelsea will be singing the blues.

Real Madrid vs

Oh boo hoo. I'm soo sorry for Wenger, what chance does he have? Taking Patrick out is perhaps the greatest mistake for Asenal. Their recent performance shows how much they miss Patrick's absence and they are running out of players, most of them are kinda old. As for Real, they may sucked at home but when it comes to Champions League, they are tops. Remember, Real have Beckham! My verdict: Real to win hands down, it will take a major fumble by Real to go Wenger's way.

Benfica vs Liverpool FC

It looks tough on paper and on the field for Benitez but I tell you now, the reds are still hungry and they are not about to give up their cup now. Benfica may have defeated the Devils but then Fergie's boys are crap so far. I still think that Liverpool have got that factor that took them to the finals last season. I really liked and admired what Benitez did to the reds. My verdict: It will be a nail biting and suspensful game but Liverpool will rise to the occasion and proceed to the next stage and I have confidence that the reds will reach the finals.

Other draws:

Werder Bremen v Juventus ~ My hand on Bremen, love under dogs.
Bayern Munich v AC Milan ~ Bayern to kick ass, remember World Cup'06!
PSV Eindhoven v Lyon ~ Eindhoven, this is easy for the dutch giant.
Ajax v Inter Milan ~ tough call but my hand on Inter, Italians are nutters
Rangers v Villarreal ~ Villarreal hands down, Rangers don't have that winning factor.

[Updated 18/12] In the words of Barcelona FC President Joan Laporta, "Like thousands of Catalans, I want sporting revenge for what was a totally unjust defeat. We didn't deserve to lose. I want to put them out in this round because that's when they unjustly eliminated us last season and that would be revenge." ~ uh-oh, those are some strong fighting words you don't hear often, I bet Jose's special pants just got a little more damp then before.