Wind Meals

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Stopped by here at the Windmill with JY for a bit of lunch over in Subang Jaya, this place is across the SJMC. As you can see, this is a western food joint like those in 1980s, cozy and warm at the same time.

We ordered from the set lunch from four set choices, I had the beef lunch which comes with a shrimp cocktail and mushroom soup. The cocktail was ok, fresh shrimp and the mushroom soup was well prepared, not those you find in buffet which is watered down, this soup was wholesome with chunky bits of mushrooms. We also ordered a side dish of fried potato skin serve with seafood toppings, this was not part of the set. It was also good but find that is limited, just three pieces and a bit pricy at that.

There it is! The main dish, sizzling beef with sausage stuffed with mushrooms and side servings of veggies and frieds, the meat was tender and well cooked, very delightful indeed. Then there is desert and coffee too. The coffee is not the run-of-the-mill hotel buffet coffee, this one actually have flavour and body to it, a pleasent surprise and I enjoyed it very much. The set was RM29.90++, I think it was reasonably priced given that the food was satisfactory and so was the service. This is a place that I'll pay a return visit. Have a nice weekend then. Cheers!

(SE700i, pardon the quality of the pictures, lack of lighting, will do better next time, thank you)