Fruity Indulgence

This is a japanese honeydew, a small yellow ball of a melon about the 1/3 the size of a football. You might ask, what? You call that indulgence? Yes, I would when said lovely honeydew comes with a price tag of RM300.00 Yep, not 30, not 50 but 300 smuckaroos. I had the pleasure of enjoying this as a gift from a friend of mine.

I can definately see why it is worth that much, you see, the fillings are nothing short of sweet, I do mean natural candy sweetness you have not encountered before and it just melts in your mouth like delactable ice cream and desolves into necter filled juices. In short, you are drinking natural honey. Oh, that slice will cost you RM75.00.

At RM7.50 per spoon, would you care for some fruity indulgence? Cheers!

(SE700i, 1USD = 3.8RM)