A cramp arm, boxes and the Lion

Have you ever wake up with the cramps? I woke up and found my entire left arm just went numb and for the next 40 mins there is nothing but sensational cramps, what a nice way to wake up in the morning! Boy, I'm getting old. I visited Bun Bun, he too complained that his left ankle went numb on him in the morning. Is this some kinda sign? With the left thingy?

Spend the early part of Saturday doing housekeeping at the office. As the year end approaches, this are part of the activity, luckly, I manage to recruit to guys to help me out to move boxes. You are always surprise just how much paper is generated in one year, quite scary. We've been trying to go paperless but up till now still not effective. Oh well, try and try again. All in all, it was a good workout.

Right, finally caught Narnia over the weekend in KLCC. Was is roaringly as good or as cold as a dead fish? I'd say a little of both. The overall quality of the settings, acting and ambiance is all there and top marks too. The casts are unknown but did manage to play their parts well and did convey the message and tension on screen.

However above all this, the movie lack the necessary pace as one would expect. There have been too much time spend on character buildling as well as the slow warming up to the finale that the plot is dragging. You are not totally drawn into the movie, you are not taking part in the adventure and you don't feel the forboding final confrontation with the enemy. The overall sense was a little short and rather imbalance. Shame, it could have been so much better.

In comparison between Pottie, Zathura and Naria, my take, Zathura comes out tops, a really well made movie. Followed by Narnia due to its strong roll play by the casts and Pottie is still dead last, a two line plot is not worth the effort. Cheers!