Petz and Such

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I find that sometimes reading fellow bloggers story , triggers your inner memories and your own tots in some part of life. Today, I read a superb bit of writing from Yvy Cozy Corner about pets and the ownership of it. Thx for the word, Yvy!

I someimes wonder why ppl abandon their pet? Did they not choose and pay for them? Why ended up in such tragic conclusion that they have to abandon them? I came by an article recently about a lady who work in an animal shelter, was sentence to spend a night at a park cuz she abandon her dogs.

Worst of all, are those who abuse their pet. I feel that these ppl have no compassion or love in their heart. Just plain saddistic fascination about torturing poor defenseless animals.

I’m all for accountable pet ownership, I can’t have pets at the moment cuz I dun think I’m in a position to take good care of them. My record:-

~Tet-poes :: disappear one day… I think is the neighbour’s cat.
~Guppies :: died after 2 weeks, water problem.
~Guppies II :: died after 1 month, over feed.
~Longkang Fish :: died after six months, I think the fish got too bored and commit suicide, *sign*

Track record very teruk, SPCA will probably hunt me down. Not my fault really, I was seven-ish then but it tot me a lesson, you have to really take care of them like your own children. So, do go back today and give your pet a big wet kiss and show them how much you love them cuz they really need our love and attention. Cheers!

(Longkang = malay for drain; teruk = malay for bad)

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