My First Car Kaabam!

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I came by this post from Kosher Pork about your first car accident. Thought that I repost my reply to said question here.

I remember crashing my first car back in Canada, it's not even my car, it belongs to the driving school. I was learning in the manual, so, one nite, with my teach, running down the factory road after a few rounds of shifting and going up and down the block.

I got real confidence after a while, then, my teach got me to go faster and shift faster. Things got real fun. Then we arrived at a left turn. So, I was suppose to turn but I kinda miss on the timing but I turned anyway.

Turning left, front right wheel hit the one feet high curb real hard, then the car dash across the road hitting the curb on the otherside. The car launch into the empty field and rolls another 100 feet b4 coming to a stop.

No, I didn't see my life flash by, juz lots of trees going by as the car rumbled into the field. It did felt like a minute or two of action time but more like less then 10 seconds.

Damage = totalled all four wheels, plus damage the driving school signage on top and I think the car under carriage suffer some degree of damage as well. On my next lesson, the owner of the school actually took me out for lessons, man, I was soo freaked out. BUT at the end of the day, I did pass my test and got my driver licence and never had an accident since then *knock on wood*.