Ahoy Klang Town..... grrrr Island ahead

This here eatery is located somewhere in klang town, dun ask where. When it comes to this here town, I'm as aimless as a bat without sonar. I was with AS, the klang food guide bloke with me. Hence this place, nothing extravagance but typically of all great eating locations here.

The place is good with the prawn noodles, i can say it is a competent place with a competent chef. It is a family run joint that opens almost everyday. Delicious... yumyum... that's not all...

Here are some side order of loh-bak, deep fried tou foo skin with meat inside... more delicious munchies, I just luv these finger food.

To top it off, some serving of century eggs... haven't had these for years. I must say that the eggs lack the kick... the aroma taste that i remembered... maybe its been in the pot for too long... after a century n all... lol. The yellow bits are ginger.... u eat with the eggs... smashing!

and here is the menu... pardon the typical local spelling mistakes and misuse of words. Nevermind the grammer... its the food that counts they say. I'm definately coming back for more. Cheers then!

(Pixs capture with Nikon Coolpix 885)