A Steamy Saturday Nite

Was at KK's place for a nice and quiet seafood steamboat dinner last saturday. Here is some food we got at the Serdang wet market the night before, all fresh and quite cheap. The prawns was at RM14.50 per kg, not too expensive. The yellow bits are potatos.

More food, all brought from Serdang. Here are yong tau foo bits going for 0.35 cents per piece. Its been cut in two before steaming.

So, here is the center stage, looks like its all set for makan time. This here is a portable stove, the propane gas tube is good for three steamboat sessions, roughly six hours of burn time.

Unkle K took the lead and started dumping said seafood into the special seafood soup made by KK. IMPORTANT NOTE: please feed baby before dinner if you want a nice n peaceful meal. As u can see Baby KK is taking an early din-din. He is very curious about wot is going on... smart kid.

Ahhh.... set, boil... boil... boil... simmer... simmer... simmer... at a corner guess who is watching?....

It's SPOTS!... the resident K9 on alert! Always spot on the action, lightning fast and a lil mad. Spots is thinking... "hehehehe... i'll wait patiently till one of them drops the food. With my lightning quick speed, i'll liberate the food from them... hehehehehe"

Hmmm... yumyum, all nice n steamed... piping hot. The folks at the table tot I was mad for taking photos of food... hehehehe.

ahh... after many, many rounds of steaming hot food.....

It is time for a steaming hot special seafood soup spinkle with some fresh spring onions... slurppp.... ahhhh.

The aftermath of a steamy nite.... satisfied and guilt free. Cheers!

(Pixs capture with Nikon Coolpix 885)