Vancouver is 'best place to live'

Vancouver is the world's best place to live, a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has found. The EIU ranked 127 cities in terms of personal risk, infrastructure and the availability of goods and services. Most of the cities that fell into the top "liveability" bracket were based in Western Europe and North America. The worst places were Algiers in Algeria, and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea because "many aspects of daily life present challenges", the EIU said. (BBC World)

Yes, Vancouver, a nice lil place to be in, got your sea, mountains and pleasant climate, not too cold like in Edmonton where I was. Canada is really a great place to stay for those who loves peace and quiet. It's a big country and you get that big sky feeling there no matter where you go. The gov't takes care of the ppl with social services, like for instance, you do not have to pay to see the doctor but just the medication. I like the changing climate and the summers there are fantastic so are the winters!

Anyhoo, over here, I think the nice place to retire to is Penang, I like that old school feel, that island environment. Would like an apartment overlooking the sea...ahhhh....bliss....but peak seasons can get a lil crowded ler....but it is just a dream for now. Cheers!