Sushi Nippon-GO!

A lil picky in what I'm eating lately cause the past years been a lil abusive on my food intake. So, been a patron of japanese restaurants of late but not too often cause it can be costly la to have it everynight. Here's a summary of respectable places for a bite of sashimi.......

Miyako - Sheraton Subang
This is one of the top places to have a nice quality japanese buffet. For RM90, you can have all the fresh sashimi, grill salmon, grill eel, fresh scallops, just tops. It is really value for your money and they'll take your orders and serve you to boot. The place is decked out with nice japanese decor. Buffet offer is on weekends dinner only.

Kogetsu - Hyatt Saujana Subang
The place is not inside Saujana, but is the turn-off to the Saujana golf club. It is good for ala carte for lunch or dinner at a reasonable price for a plush place like Kogetsu. The setting is one of the best for a japanese restaurant situated beside a man-made lake, giving that nice watery peaceful feeling.

Kiku-Zakura - MidValley & Times Square
Another upstanding place that serve respectable food, they are good with their bento sets. Great for lunches and a nice metro-place for dinner. Resonable price for the authentic quality stuff you're getting. One of my frequent places for a bite without taking a big bite at my wallet.

Kampachi - Hotel Equatorial KL
My very first encounter for japanese buffet that got me hooked on sushi ever since. A value for money place to have..well...buffet! It's on weekends and you'll need to call ahead as there is limited room. On Saturdays, they'll serve you but on Sundays, is the typical buffet, walk over the counter. Good food, typical fair of sushi and tempura.

A lil better then Saisaki but can get crowded. Also on Sundays, you may get a place in one of the adjecant ballroom with a direct view of the Fitness First place next door, so you can watch ppl doing exercise while you munch sushi, ehehe...torture those guys next door. For the record, I actually ate 40 pieces of sashimi at one time, it's those crazy weekends.....never attempt to repeat the feat again!

Saisaki - Wisma UOA
A nice place for buffet, but need to book early cause it tends to have lots of ppl there for lunch and dinner. A good and fair spread of japanese dishes, quality is commentable for the price you're paying. Typical buffet style, you'll have to walk over to the counters. A lil noisy at times, like a japanese karoke bar.

Nippon Tei - KLCC
An average japanese restaurant, not too bad, but the menu is a lil limited compare to Kiku Zakura. A nice place nevertheless with deck out in ultra modern setting with a hint of japanese influence. Nice for lunch.

Oh Sushi - Mid Valley
Like Nippon Tei, a ok place to makan malam la. So, ok on price and ok on food. Boleh tahan without feeling cheap like some of those pretend japanese places. I think Sushi King upstairs is better.

Genki Sushi - Bangsar, KLCC & 1 Utama
The McDonalds of sushi, with respectable level of quality in a fast food kinda rating. Not bad, lots of fun things to eat, my fav is the spicy udon and and handroll temaki. This happens to be one of my friend's fav hangout, a crazed sushi-genki fan. So, you want fast and quality, this is the place for lunch and dinner.

Sushi King - Mid Valley & Subang Parade
The other McD place of sushi. I'am not a fan of Sushi King in the past cause of bad experience, bad food, not up to par even at a decent level like Genki. BUT, ever since their change of management or style...its been better.

My fav is the Kodomo Bento, a nice variety of tempura, mashed potato, fried fish, some egg stuff and a lil curry favoured nugget (?)...the instant belt driven sushi is not bad. So, another lunch and dinner place for a quick bite.

There you have it, the few places that I frequent most for a good bite of raw fish, fried veggie, grill eel and some green tea. Hai! Arigato gozaimashita!
(Image from Midvalley.com.my)