Space tourist docks with station

Fare-paying space tourist Gregory Olsen has arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) - for a stay he expects to be more hard work than a holiday. The Russian Soyuz rocket, which also delivered a new two-man crew for the ISS, took off from Kazakhstan's Baikonur launch site on Saturday.

The US businessman and scientist is taking a 10-day trip to the ISS. He is the third person to holiday there. The ticket price was not disclosed but is thought to be up to £11m ($19.3m). Two other people have previously taken a holiday on the station: American Dennis Tito in 2001 and South African Mark Shuttleworth in 2002. (BBC World)

Wow! Talk about extreme vacation, this is the ultimate. Staying at the ultra modern ISS for a week, what more can you ask for....but doing stuff could be a lil clumsy, like eating, taking a pee or showering, how do they do that...showering....or maybe not. Wonder if he gets to space walk...a BIG empty space all around you, man, freakout!

Imagine one day we can effort to take a vacation in space...so exciting and scary at the sametime but before that imagine sitting on top of a highly flamable and volitile steel encased giant dynamite, rocketing you off gravity and the face of the earth.....imagining travelling faster than the speed of sound by 30 times! Bouncing your way to the cosmicsphere...that'll put a wide smile on your face and a damp wet feeling in your space pants.