Honda takes full control of BAR

Japanese car manufacturer Honda plans to go it alone in Formula One from next year after acquiring a 100% stake in the BAR Honda team on Tuesday. Honda announced its buyout of founding owner British American Tobacco's 55% share ahead of this weekend's home Grand Prix in Suzuka. Honda will name their new team for 2006 in agreement with future sponsors.

"We want to challenge for the championship," said Honda's operating officer Hiroshi Oshima. "We want to race as Honda and we want to take the team in a better direction." Oshima explained that the Japanese giant had begun negotiations in the summer to increase its share from 45% to full acquisition. (BBC Sport)

Holly Bonk-us Batman, they did it! I jokingly wished a lil over a week ago, that Honda maybe toying with the idea of coming into F1 full blown, guess they just did that. I figure that Honda can't fully realize what they want with the partnership arrangement. Wow! This is soooo cool, watch your back Toyota, Honda's pissed and game for a good fight. Two Japan giants go at it toe to toe, how brilliant is that. With all those anti-tobacco policies coming around is not surprise BAR didn't want to stay.

Anyhoo, this Honda move is a pleasent surprise...so, can Sato, Honda's favourite son make a comeback in 2006, is Jensen's seat in jeopardy, what about Reubans? I think Honda could keep Sato as a test driver, or alternate between drivers for race weekends. That is if Sato is still in Honda's good graces. There isn't any indication that Jensen have sign with BAR earlier...hmmmm....very interesting season ending cliff hanger.