Kimi to Ferrari - report

Kimi Raikkonen will definitely race for Ferrari in 2007 after reportedly signing a final contract for the F1 team. British newspaper 'Sunday Mirror' said a 'leading formula one source' had leaked that the 25-year-old Finn, after seeing out his McLaren deal next year, will be paid $39 million a season by the Maranello based Scuderia. Raikkonen's arrival would more than likely coincide with the retirement of seven time world champion Michael Schumacher. The newspaper quoted the source as saying: ''This is not about money. ''(McLaren and Mercedes) value Kimi highly. It is just down to what he wants to do.'' (www.F1i.com)


Speculation about Kimi Raikkonen’s future has heightened after newspaper reports that he has concluded a deal to join Ferrari in 2007.The Sunday Mirror reports that Ferrari will pay £22 million for Raikkonen’s services when his present McLaren contract expires at the end of next season.The Raikkonen-Ferrari rumour is one of the most insistent of this year’s silly season.

The smart money is on Michael Schumacher retiring after 2006, and Ferrari boss Jean Todt has regularly suggested that Raikkonen would be the ideal successor to the seven time champion.Raikkonen is also said to have grown frustrated at McLaren this season.Despite being the fastest man on the track for much of the year, Kimi had to concede defeat in the world title battle at Interlagos last weekend.

With five-time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi increasingly open about the fact that Ferrari are courting him for an F1 future, it appears that the Raikkonen-Rossi ‘dream team’ line-up could be coming closer to reality. (www.itv-f1.com)

So, the rumours are true then, or could it be. The future is exciting...in this case for Ferrari, two hotest names in racing sport Kimi and Valentino. Could be another Ferrari jackpot. Both will have their current contract ending 2006, so, it is possible that this could be true. Rather unbelieveable that Ferrari have enough pull to get these guys...at least Kimi to sign up. The competition must be sweating in their armani suits. In F1 anything can happen. (Image from BBC Sport)