Formula One Talking Points

F1 to get female team boss? Formula One could get its first female team principal in 2007. Japan's Misato Haga is currently president and chief executive of the Durango (Direxiv Motorsport) team in GP2, which is sponsored by Direxiv. 'Direxiv' is rumoured to be involved in the funding of a possible 'b' McLaren grand prix team, which could find a home in the Woking based team's old Albert Drive factory. The local 'Woking News & Mail' publication cited a report that said with McLaren now up the road at the state-of-the-art 'Paragon' facility, the old HQ is still able to house a formula one team. And the article also read: ''(Misato Haga) has suggested she will be running the (team).''

A McLaren F1 female team boss, whats next then. Yeah, why not, if the shoe fits. Women should be given a chance in F1 or in any racing sport for that matter, as long as there are takers and the ladies can handle the sport itself, so be it. Afterall, any products will look to maximizing exposure and market appeal. Bring in the female racers please.

GPMA set to lose Williams. The 'breakaway' threat in formula one may be about to fizzle out. Reports in the British press suggest that Sir Frank Williams, boss of the team set to split with German carmaker BMW at the end of the season, refused to sign an agreement in Munich last week. The news indicates that Williams does not support the so-called 'GPMA' group, and - with the inevitable Red Bull-fuelled Minardi defection from the carmakers' side - could tip the balance in Bernie Ecclestone's 'Concorde' favour.

With Williams and Minardi on side, Bernie's 2008 teams would number five -- half of pitlane, including the most evocative name of all, Ferrari. London's 'Times' newspaper speculated that the fiercely independent Sir Frank and team co-owner Patrick Head have been won over with a Bernie-funded $50 million sweetener. And the sport's 74-year-old 'supremo' revealed that 50 per cent more cash for 2008 and beyond is on the table for any team. ''And they know I mean it,'' Ecclestone added. The Briton said: ''It's up to them to decide if they can do a better job (of running a grand prix series) and take that risk.''

Bernie that old sly fox! I think the F1 breakaway series is a dream and will remain just that, a dream, no more. In the end there will be enough weight for Bernie to call the shots again, if he can convience Honda and Toyota to follow then his hand is strong enough to deal at the table. So, he'll make separate deals with each team, keep them guessing what the other is getting while avoiding a transperant disclosure or a fixed pay-off that will leave him without any negotiation room. That sly fox!

'Coke' plan more fizz for F1. The world's most famous soft-drink company, Coca-Cola, is planning to drive onto the F1 grid. The British 'Daily Telegraph' newspaper even claimed that Coke, like fizzy rival Red Bull, could buy a grand prix team -- but the more likely option is a title sponsorship. F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone 'confirmed' that Coca-Cola had shown some interest in the sport, the newspaper wrote. ''F1 has become an exceptional shop window for everybody,'' the 74-year-old said.

The report doubted that Coca-Cola had yet held talks with any team, but an executive 'with links' to the company revealed: ''The growing popularity of F1 in several key Asian markets is something that is of interest.'' Probably at the front of the queue for Coca-Cola's business is Williams, the front line Grove based team that is determined to recover from the recent loss of works BMW power and title sponsor HP.

Yet another big boys into the circle of Bernie's lil kingdom called F1. Guess everyone is jumping into the bandwagon. Thanks to Bernie foresight to bring F1 to a more global appeal and participation instead the past Euro-centric sport. No doubt the last two seasons in Asia, F1 have gain tremendous exposure, big enough to get big corparation to join in the party. Where is Pepsi then?

Finally, Is Fernando Alonso a worthy champion? Is Alonso better if not as good as Schumi? My verdict is that, Alonso to his credit, have mature alot from last few seasons and became a much complete driver this year. He is good, above the level of excellence and the future is bright for him.

However, every great champion suffers defeat and struggles against odds to get those wins, like Schumi, Mika, Damon, Lauda, Keke etc, these champions goes through the baptism of fire. The other thing, is consistency, Schumi is consistent, consistently fast and consistently focused. Alonso need to go through all of these test and trials before one can be a truely a worthy champion.

(Sources www.F1i.com, image from BBC Sport)