Eat THIS @#$%&%&*$# Works Department

Man oh man, there was the heavy monsoon-ny rain at the bottom hour yesterday. About a lil over an hour after the downpour, I headed out from the office back home. The rain has tapper off a bit but still in a heavy drizzle. Strike out and headed my way to the CSR road from Glenmarie. Was in the usual jam on side roads facing the highway making my way before the bridge to CSR....or so I tot.

I was a lil baffled when from afar, there was blokes on yellow raincoats, policemen BUT the traffic flow is crap, felt like the traffic lights are out. *puzzled* I was still puzzled as I reach the bridge junction, there are the policemen but why the total chaos? As I reach at the top of the bridge, I saw the road on the way to CSR have been seal off and the traffic been directed towards Shah Alam. Frack!

Needless to say, I was stuck on the Carlsberg way for 40 minutes, claw my way to the round about. Didn't help by a Waja broken down in front of me, did you notice that whenever there is a heavy downpour, there is always cars breaking down? A lot of Wajas, Wiras, Iswaras.....hmmm...I wonder. Then another 40 minutes jamming my way via the JVC factory road down to the interchange before Proton. Only then I manage to escape the horrid detour jam and on to the Shah Alam highway shoot straight to Subang.

That fraud filler of a jam cause me two hours on the road. A two hours to travel detoured from Glenmarie to Subang which will take me 20 minutes on ordinary days including jam. The CSR way can be prone to flood, so are the area around there because of the nearby river. My beef is, why after all this time the gov't shirts did not bother to fix the situation knowing that this area can flood.... easily. This is not a downpour of a biblical proportion, just a hour rain and off goes the flood. Imagine, you're rushing to do the buka puasa n then this cow dung of a problem drops in front of you. So, eat @#&*#%$#$! THIS Works Department.
(Image from www.esrin.esa.it)