Oi! U punya berapa harga ah?

So, how much is your blog worth? Yes, you must be very curious about this lil question. Afterall you have put in your heart and soul day in, day out....just how much is worth in the eyes of the Wall Street? I found out that mine is worth zip, zero, nada...like an empty taco bread. However, unlike your average car, this here blog can actually grow in value over time, there is still hope. Howhow?

Hmmm... need to figure out what are the measure(s)....I think it is the amount of traffic generated from views & comments and perhaps the ads on the pages. These two element spells revenue in the world on internet. It says here, a more important element is network, links and innovation in said blog. Wots that? Take the test then. Cheers!

Thx to Totoro aka Mark My Words for the word.

My blog is worth $0.00.
How much is your blog worth?