Everybody Wang Chung Tonite!

Ello. I will not be actively blogging for the next few days as I'm preparing for my company meeting early next week. I'll be back shortly towards the end of next week. I'v been comparing some notes abt web page designing n will be doing some tweeking in this here site to give that lil customized feel. Mind, I'v no training in html or web page programming. So, there is a good chance that the site will go all purple on me....hehehe, that will b fun to watch. Anyone with advice n tips, u'r very welcome to leave a note. Thanks in advance.

I'v just came bck from dinner n got some nice photos to share but needed some editing. So, I'll post them on the next round. I'm also tempting to give a more visual feel in some areas. I like to experiment with things, virtual or otherwise. I like scalable features n a fresh point of view. It is all very exciting and very educational.

In my absents, my guy Gunner will take over as caretaker. Who? Gunner? Well, he's not actually a guy or a person. Gunner is my virtual pet. Yessir, if ya scroll down, Gunner is somewhere down there. Gotta relocate him to a proper place once I get bck. So, if ya happen to visit him, plz get Gunner on his wheel cycle. He can get a lil lazy and not do his daily exercise. Have fun w/ him then.

I like to wish all a Happy Deepavali, Selamat Hari Raya n have a fun & loving holiday!

Ballllikkk Kammmmpuuunnnngg....!

Caaabbutttt Laaaarrrriiiii....!
Haaattttiiii Seeeeennnaannnngg.....!

Hpy holide! dun drive fast fast, dun eat fast fast n dun eat & drive at the sametime.... fast fast. Keep things frosty. Cheers then!