Doomed Me Baby!

Yeah, tis time for some old fashion shooting....in the form of game turn movie, Doom. Ahh, memories, I remember Doom... back in college, one day at a mate's place (GMC), after our study session, fooled around in his PC and found Doom.

Me: Doom??....hmmmm, what is this ler *pointing at the file menu*
GMC: nuthing la, nuthing there...*waves hand dismissively*
Me: oi, say ler, what is this....
GMC: okok...open for ya.....then u see...hehehe..
Me: *anticipating*

The game opens, menu title screen...press play....

Me: ohhhh *excited**suddenly got something coming towards me real fast *shit, WTF is tat* not good, ugly and big teeth*....err not good...!
Me: oi, furker, what are the controls la, shit, how to play.....!
GMC: ...this for this and this for this..ready? go go!
Me: waahh liao, WTF!......CNMCB!....yaaay u wan some of this baby!... TNMFL ...nah..bwahahaha...a persent for u..... u sux-kers......bwhahahahaha......TT and u too T...hahahaha......!

Needless to say, i went totally mental over the game, u have to be there to see. That was a lil over 10 years ago, it was my first real FPS, i did played Wolfenstien in the old DOS mode but nothing compares to Doom. This game felt real, the environment, the setting, the movement and of course those awesome weapons...BFG!

I was in pure adrenaline rush, a psyco on drugs for the next three hours...my life changed! Funny thing that after Doom, i did not really follow the FPS craze. i think firstly, its all the same just more killing and secondly, i get a real pain on my neck and a lil headache after each session from all that spinning and turning, figures.

And then there is this movie....what can i say...no spoilers mind, it is better than Resident Evil by 10 miles but can't compare to Aliens II / IV, Ripley kick @ss, sorry Rock. A ok shock horror sci-fi, go for the action not the story.....not much story to begin with. They have a nice lil FPS sequence towards the end. I always wondered,

1. Why do they always send the marines? Where is the army?
2. Why do they sent such a small squad of soldiers to do a big job?
3. Why is the tunnel complex always dark, light deprived hallways?
4. Why do the doors close soo slowly...like 5 minutes?
5. Why dun they wait for the baddies to show up and blast them to pieces?
6. Why the soldiers always armed with puny lil weapons and plasticky armor?

Verdict: the game is better than the movie. Cheers!

Mr. Rock, team leader with the BFG...aka Big Freakin Gun, yaaay, u go bigboy!

The team...happy meals on legs or survivors.....u decide!

Bloke Left: Ya know, i dun feel good abt this...
Bloke Right: Yeah? Where's tat 50 u owe me?
Bloke (L): WTF...what ya askin abt money at this time?
Bloke (R): Your horroscope says u'll meet a sudden horrid end today.
Bloke (L): Damn!...u take cheque or plastic?
Bloke (R): Furker!....o_O

What self-respecting sci-fi horror flick comes complete without a smart n hot chick. Rosamund Pike of the James Bond & Pride and Prejudice fame.
(Images from Yahoo! Movie)