Rant Like a Blogger Should...My Peace

I guess by now those who have followed the XX kiasuland disable toilet debacle will have also followed on comments of bloggers all around about the above opinion. The lastest, XX have lost one of the site sponsor because several bloggers have taken to task in escalating the situation. Now, XX had hue and cry over said action includes the mention of malice, attack of income, murderer, no one is perfect, morality and such.

I was wondering, was XX misundersood?..... Nope, not by the gauge of the consistency of opinions and comments of those bloggers I'v read. I must say I'm all for freedom of speech and expression of an individual. However, there is a need to strike a balance. As such I have several comments from what I'v gather from this episode

  1. Be mature in thinking about certain issues. If one is to blog, do have a degree of consciousness in making a statement, especially those who have, shall we say, a certain amount of following or readership.
  2. Think in a proper manner before acting. Please act responsible like a responsible citizen should, imagine Mr. Lim Kit Siang were to spout rubbish and anti-government statements, is that an act being responsible? Opposition or not, elected or not, that will not be the right way to behave.
  3. You will reap what you sow. Should one blog by voicing their opinion in an extreme manner, be aware that you have signal the intention to go all the way. Be warn that such statements may cause certain quarters to react in an extreme manner and escalate in kind in a reaction that you may not anticipate.
  4. Like they say...have the balls. Those who wrote in defense of an opinion, kind leave your e-mail and website. Please do not be an unknown blogger. Show yourself and stand by your opinion, don't hide behind the name of anonymity. If you fear condemnation, don't comment.
  5. Suck in and take the bullet. Diplomacy is the best policy, should one find that one had faul up the situation, kindly apologize and sort out the issue before is gets blow up in one face. Kindly be accountable.
I think, the issue should be closed since what is said is said and what is done is done. Irregardless if someone have lost part their livelihood, which I sincerely believed is an exaggeration or those who not wanting to stand down and still continue the rant about it. There are greater injustice in this world that is more worthy of our attention and energy, this debacle here is a lesson about behaving in a society ...... or not to behave. Peace!