No Stream X, no cry.....yeah right!

What a fraud filler of a weekend, my stream x went XX-ed on me, like dead, totally stopped happening. Is was ok on saturday morning but right after lunch total bonkus....was dead until sunday....still dead when i checked this morning.... grrrr! whywhywhy! Reported the prob to TM on sunday after a phone survey from them,

TM chick: Sir, from rating of one to seven, how do u rate our connection availability? one is worst, seven is excellent.
Me: aiya, what a question! got minus 5 anot ah?
TM chick: er? what sir? what happen?
Me: no connection since yesterday, until now still nothing happen, what kinda availibility is this ler.
TM chick: very sorry sir, did u called our hotline to report on the matter?
o_O.....u guys got open on sunday meh?
TM chick: yessir, our lines are open, please give them a call.
Me: *surprised**surprised*...okla after i'll do it.....
TM chick: sir, you rating of our connection availibility?
Me: *hump*....a rating of one.
TM chick: thank you sir for your time, have a nice weekend.
Me: Bye-bye! -_-"

Grrr...just as I started to enjoy my new toy, total crashed. Well, still got my astro ler, so dun complain la. I'd managed to install the famous msn messenger. I didn't earlier cause of my dail-up, knowing that it will burn lots of my time hence my wallet and dail-ups are slow and have tendancy to cut u off (ditto of StmX). Guess my joy was short lived, sign.

I must say that the technical hotline ppl is customer friendly, I was surprised. They will look into the matter, somemore got case number so I can refer to them later if they didn't call back 24 hours later. Still I think it is better for TM to improve their bandwidth availability since they are the de facto broadband provider now.

Further, with the majority of users in Klang Valley, they should sort out this common, nagging problem before it becomes cronic like many of our services. TM have improved in some areas.....but there is a long way to go.