Quick Look Around

Hello, been on the up and down lately, thinking about things and taking action in my life in sorting things out plus being serious about relationships, guess I can't change everything at once but I will keep a nice consistence pace to the things I want to change, one week at a time, so here are some of the new things happening to me......

Sold my 3+ year old car, its a Toyota Vios, a entry level compact sedan, if you want to know. Its been a good memory to own that car, been a very dependable and fun car to drive, everything I've wanted but situation have changed that I needed to sell this baby and move on. I was lucky enough to get back a tidy sum of money to sort out my other finance needs and have since been debt free!

Thanks be to Him for sending me a sales person that was very pleasant to deal with, you know after all the calls about my car, it was only this chap giving me an offer. A tip to those who wants to sell, dun just have an ad in the papers, go to as many car forums and sells sites that offers avenue to place your ads for free, that is how the sales bloke got in touch with me because of an ad I placed in the web.

ahhhhh, what a great feeling to be eh? not to worry about ppl chasing you about bills and such month in and month out. Plus I have enough to put in for a new car AND a little for a place of my own too! Got a new phone and a camera while at it. WOW, who would have tot that selling a car can have such big returns. Thanks be to Him for giving me the answer and courage to take action, now I see the worth of His wisdom!

Been attending cell lately for the last one month, ACTIVELY! this time, I've been sooo lazy not taking care of my spiritual life in the past, but for the last one year, it have been a revelation and a life changing start for me after over 15 years in the wilderness. Praise to Him for sending Phoenix to me as an angel of mercy and a messenger to remind me of my search for fullfillment is at the door step of His kingdom and I only have to turn to Him and seek His counselling.

I believed now when the bible says that you will need to be given a God given revelation before you believe and clear about what action to take. I can say that I have been given just that for the last one year and my purpose and reason is clear.

With the new found revival, I've been attending something called a growth track or New Life, basically a foundation building classes where cell members get together in a guided lesson once a week and take time to share with one another on the lessons and our experience with Christ. For me, it have been a great driver, its my re dedication to Him and a commitment of my relationship with Him. I know that it is a personal relationship and not a religion.

Have also taking up Bless Ministry, a group of people at the church to spend their time doing volunteer work once a week to help the needy like Street Feeding, distribution of food to the poor, or Kenosis, a drug rehab, visiting them and supporting them in their struggle to recovery and embracement of Christ in their life, or Prima Selayang program, where you play a mentoring role to children there who comes from poor families. Still have nine months of journey :)

All this is not in anyway doing the work because I needed to exorcise myself in manner or feeling obligated but rather I've learned that you will need to have a humble heart in order to walk with Him, be in submission and wanting to serve because you want to from your heart. It is by grace and not by works as the bible say. It have been a great challenge to me to change in this manner but I know that to be born again, we must take a step to turn away from my old self to a new one. If we believe then we must take action.

The journey is yet to be completed but Praise be to God for His unceasing grace on me for the times I've not focused on Him and His many blessings on me when I wanted help. Cheers!