Hey! Where am I?

When I started blogging, it have been a rage and an "in thing" in the interweb world. I see that there are those who write and write to their fancy and many have since fallen off the blog track including myself. I think there are many who start with just writing without really a purpose or an aim on what to do with this medium of blogging. I did find my drive diminished overtime as my blog time being replaced by my work and finding myself excuses for not writing at all. So I'm guilty for not taking good care of my page.

My question is why will I want to have a blog, just for expression? not a good reason. As a hobby or a past time? Well, neither fits my lifestyle. After a long, long time thinking, I came to a conclusion that while I don't want to give up on this blog, I must have a good reason to do it. I dawn on me that my recent change of event and direction religiously is worth enough to continue to blog. I think I would like to use this page to share my blessings, my journey and my thoughts as a born again Christian as well my life experience. Will I be able to revive this blog as I have been trying to revive my life? Time will tell, God Bless.