Rantin Abt Our Lovely Traffic

I think those of us who lives and work in the Klang Valley would have been very used to traffic jam that makes live so lovely. Since the toll increase beginning this year, the jam have increase even more, not that people is using the toll mind you but everyone is waking up much more early and going off to work to avoid paying the tolls.

The end result of this is the toll free roads starts to jam much more earlier. I takes me two full hours from Subang to reach Center KL while paying RM2.70 worth of toll. Last year, it will take me one hour to reach the same destination while paying the same toll.

You may call me mad but I think there is a big problem in our traffic system and not much has been done other than building new road systems and tolls that go with them. I think there is a big plan all along to benefit local car makers, road construction companies, toll companies and oil and gas producers.

Just think for a minute, there have never ever been real efforts to make public transport efficient (that is part of the big plan as well) and I think if you put two and two together, you can see why I maybe making some sense in all of this rubbish. By saving RM30 on my road tax does not ease my expenses, not even close. Cheers!