Things I Liked At Work

There are a number of good things I liked about my new job and office and here is some of them:
  1. Got my own room, with a big table.

  2. A window view which you can see into the nearby apartment buildings.

  3. Free coffee, not talking about the cheap type, its Nescafe!

  4. Have a floor assistant to help out in admin work, ie fax, printing, binding, file retrival, etc.

  5. Free car park, as you know it is expensive in the city.

  6. A variety of food stalls not more than five minutes walk.

  7. Can escape the city jam in less than half hour.

  8. Aircon temperature is just right.

  9. Can see what my juniors are doing, cuz they are sitting with backs facing me, heh.

  10. A delicious big bowl of curry mee for four bucks!

In the spirit of meme, I would like to tag the following good people and thanks very much for playing:

  1. Dr. Chen
  2. Simple America
  3. Hooiching
  4. Kenny Ng
  5. Wingz