WT: Know Your ABCs

To those of you who know, I've ran a series of Wacky Thursday (WT) posts on the requests from numerous bloggers who wants some eye candy for the day. After a long delay, WT is back to serve up some hot and spicy posts for all to enjoy. Today's lesson is knowing your ABCs!

A for Aishwarya Rai the famous and soon to be married bollywood actress, classic looks who deserves an A

B for Briana Banks, er this is a actress of the explicit kind, wonder why she have Banks for her surname?

C for Cindy Margolis, a model and one of the most downloaded celeb at one time.

D for Danica Patrick, she is a Indy car racing driver! Yes, not only she is sexy but deadly with a capital D behind the wheels.

E for Elena Skubiy, dont know who this is but is a Russian model, they are lean amd mean now, no more fat and hairy like the iron curtain days, E for excellent too.

F for Federica Fontana, when you have an italian and a model combine it is bound to be a hot combo. She have some extreme pictures posted on the web that will make meatballs melt.

And there you go, hope you've enjoyed the little lesson in ABCs, till the next time, Cheers!