Local Soap Opera Live!

Zakaria: I made a mistake

KLANG: Embattled Port Klang state assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros finally broke his silence yesterday but kept mum on whether he would relinquish his Klang municipal councillor's post.
(The Star)

I think those of us locally would have caught the foreamention saga of this poor man and his dilemma by now. Anyhoo let me recap on the big picture just to show you why is it called soap opera.

The Issue - Councillor Zakaria was said to have build a mansion without approval, this lead to the notion that he had abuse his powers. BUT is this true? No one said anything but in the end the Sultan told him to resign from his post in the government. I think you can connect all the dots by now.

The reasons Councillor Zakaria gave in building the house as follows:

  1. Might have been unsuitable for the low-cost housing estate” in Kampung Idaman

  2. Was never his intention to boast or show off by building a bigger house which has been called 'Istana Datuk Zakaria' by some

  3. His wife and him merely wanted a more comfortable dwelling for their 11 children, seven daughters- and-sons-in-law as well as 11 grandchildren

  4. Also planned to create community-centred rooms in the new house, including having a tuition centre, a surau and an activity corner

  5. If his sincere intention had been misinterpreted, he apologise for not having properly explained his little contribution

  6. He thank those, including the media, for giving him guidance on the need to follow rules and regulations

  7. He felt really close to the people here and that is why, despite his new prosperity, he still choose to remain here because he want to continue serving people here

  8. He added that he did not want his “mistake” to be capitalised on by the Opposition, adding that humans made mistakes

  9. Stressed he had never intended to abuse his position as a councillor and elected representative to bend the rules to his favour
My two cents, if it is just a simple approval delayed issue why was it such a big hoo haa? Why was there such a big coverage until the Sultan have to step in to take action? Why did the councillor go on holiday in the mist of the problem? Did the issue and reasons above jive? What should have been the proper action? What was the PM and MB actions before this? Lastly, did anyone checked if he has adequate legit resources to build said mansion?

The more they say or less they say, you are pretty convinced where this ball is rolling to. That is why this is a soap, cuz is not real. Cheers!