Merdeka and Me

As those of us in Malaysia will know this month end marks our nation independence day, 31 Aug 2006. This is one of those times we will reflect on where we were and how far we have come and where we are going to be in the future. I must say that I would avoid touching this subject as it will lead to politics and other sensitive rights issues which wil be too emotional to say, those of us in this country will know what I'm on about.

So, what does Merdeka means to me? Am I not proud, am I not thankful, shouldn't I be counting my blessings? Yes indeed, we have thus far maintain a very stable government as suppose to many of our regional neighbours, for that factor, we are truely blessed and for that, the country as a whole have been fortunate.

Likewise, we can also comment on our geograpic position, we are not in anyway impacted by severe weather like hurracaine, typhoon, snow, massive flood or disasters like tornados, earthquakes, volcanos and tsunamis. For that, we are truely truely blessed.

Finally, we have a democratic system of government, some say it is not a true form of democracy, but then again what is the true form, different countries requires different systems depending on the nature and desposition of the social structure and influence. Could China be sucessful as a democratic country at the begining?

No, communism was the answer, but as we can see now, the Chinese have adapted and adopted a differrent version of communism yet it can still coexist in a free market economy. So, our current form of system may not be the prefect solution but it can provide the necessary stability for us to grow, but we will need to continually change for the better.

I am thankful for the many blessing this country have and am happy that we can get to enjoy our fruits of labour. Nevertheless, there is still much to improved upon and it will take brave steps and serious commitment. To change, we can choose to stand by and complain about things or take action. Independence does not end in 1957, but it is a continual struggle to ensure this independence stays in this country. We are all accountable in the House of Malaysia.