Life and Times in the Rollin Rat Race

Hi there! Its been a loooonnnnggg while since I last log on here. Its been a challengin time for me at work as there are many if not numerous hils and mountains to climb....... not to mention the hill that I recently climb with Phoenix to our lil holiday getaway. Let me tell ya, I usually think that going to places I've been to is kinda boring BUT if ya going there for a reason then it is just great, even when you are not doing much..... of ..... anything. Of course going with someone close is a happy happy bonus. Took some snap shots of our trip... hehe, stayed at Bala"s Chalet, I recommend it to anyone, its cheap yet soooo beautiful.... give it a go, you will find it worth your while. Thks to Doc Chen for the intro!

As for work, been on a roller coaster ride and hanging on by my finger nails, it helps if there is another who is understanding and I must say that our tree is going strong..... there was some heavy rain but manage to get thru and still growing the way we imagine it would be. I thank God for the blessings that He has given me and I know that sometimes I do get a lil off track and it is my fault, not His. I do pray that I can get thru and I know with Him and Phoenix, I can make it, Thanks! Cheers!